Granite Color and Variations:

B & D Gravel cannot be responsible for color or texture variations.  If you need a sample of the material, please contact us and we will try and provide a sample based on your location and quantity. 

Granite is a mined material and will have color and shade variation, even variations in the amount of fines.  Color changes will occur with time.  As a result, exact matching of existing granite may not occur due to mining variations and aging. madison gold

Madison Gold rock in Cave Creek

Aztec Product 

1/4" Minus

1/2" Minus


Landscaping Rock in Phoenix - Granite offers a classic long lasting beauty and its durability is unmatched, making granite a perfect choice for exterior landscaping projects.  Granite has additional benefits of low maintenance -   

Madison Gold Rip Rap

Various from 3"-6" in size...

Rip Rap provides excellent erosion control for sloping areas and creating dry river beds in your Landscape design. 

3/4 Screened

Contains up to 30% to 50%  of crushed fines and dust particles.  Rock measures 3/4" and smaller.  Nice for driveways and landscaping projects. 

3/4 Sized

Contains 20% to 30% of crushed fines and dust particles.  Rock is more true to size (3/4"). Creates a nice clean look and is heavier in weight which helps rock to stay in place on sloping areas. 

1/2 Washed

Material is washed at the Quarry and has up to 10% of fines and dust particles in the product.

Creates a nice clean and natural looking landscape.  Easy to maintain. 

1/2 Minus

Contains up to 40% - 50% of crushed fines and dust particles. Rock measures 1/2" and smaller.  Nice for a natural looking landscape.  More economical in pricing.

1/4 Washed

Material is washed at the Quarry and has less than 10% of fines and dust particles in the product.  Nice for a natural looking landscape and easy to maintain.

1/4 Minus (also known as Decomposed Granite or DG) Fine crushed rock used for pathways, driveways, under pavers or artificial turf, or for a more natural desert look in your Landscaping.  Contains up to 80% - 90% of fines and dust particles for a tight packing material.

Madison Gold material is the most popular decorative groundcover and one of the oldest quarries in the valley.  Madison Gold is a light tan color that blends well with the desert environment.  It is a hard and durable granite that sparkles in the sunlight.  Check with your HOA guidelines for approved rock color and sizes.

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Dumping on Public Streets:

It is against the law to dump material on public streets unless authorized by your HOA or City Council, especially if material will be left on the street over night.  Make sure you discuss the dump location when ordering.

Release of Liability:

Drivers will not back across concrete driveways, sidewalks, pavers, etc., unless the release form is signed.  B & D Gravel is not responsible for any property damage.

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Madison Gold

3/4" Minus


Delivery Times:

Due to the nature of our business, our delivery times are approximate and, may vary as much as an hour early or late.