Monthly Specials

Desert Cobble Products

1" or 1/2" Screen

3/8" Minus

Superstition Rock 

1/2" to 3/4" or 3/4" to 1" 

Inexpensive rock - under $30/ton

Good for driveways

Table Mesa Brown Products

1" or 1/2" Screen

3/8" Minus

Rip Rap 3"-6" or 6"-12"

Products on Sale this month 

Madison Gold Products

1/4" Minus      1/4" Wash

1/2" Minus      1/2" Wash

3/4" Screen     3/4" Sized

3"-8" Rip Rap

Landscaping supply landscape supplies rock material
  • Madison Gold
  • Table Mesa Brown
  • Desert Cobble
  • Native Sunrise 
  • Palo Verde
  • Desert Trail 
  • Superstition Rock

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Landscaping Supplies

Decorative Rock, Stone and Gravel Specials on Rock in Phoenix, Specials on Rock in Cave Creek, Landscape Rock for sale in Phoenix, Rip Rap, Soil and Dirt

Native Sunrise, Palo Verde and Desert Trail 

 1" or 1/2" Screen

Minus product contains 50-80% of crushed fines Landscape Rock for sale in Phoenix

Screened product contains 30-50% of crushed fines

Sized product contains 20-30% of crushed fines 

Washed product contains less than 10% of crushed fines 

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